Royall Spyce and all things nice!

March 23, 2007


Redolent of a bygone era in the Caribbean and blended with the scents of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, peppers and spices that arrived from the markets by freighters to St.George Harbour in Bermuda¬† over 50 years ago comes these ‘All Purpose Gentleman’s Lotions’

The Royall Range with its heady aromatic exotic blends and following time honored closely-guarded recipes that contain the world’s finest essential oils has arrived at Pink Pearls.

These splashes are derived from authentic island ingredients favored by Colonial Victorian Gentleman and contain secret formulas of rare pure essences and tropical island rains that will transport you to a Caribbean of style and refinement.

The Royall Man is a gentleman, who above all seeks quality and excellence in all facets of his life and desires a unique fragrance that will reflect his truly discriminating taste.

Each fragrance bottle is wrapped in fine parchment paper, boxed and stamped with a Royall crown wax seal to prove authenticity.

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Hello, Aloha, Bonjour & Bula,

Founded on the daydreams of tropical paradises where the ‘daily grind’ is the sound of a gentle wave lapping against a pure white sand beach, the feel of smooth edged pummeled coral pieces crunching under your toes, the rustle of a palm frond dancing in the balmy breeze and the taste of sweet cracked coconut passing over your lips – welcome to Pink Pearls.

Dreaming of Hawaii, the Pacific Islands, the Florida Keys or perhaps the Caribbean? Dream no longer – slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy cyber shopping at Pink Pearls.